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3 Useful tips in FL Studio you might not know (yet)

There is a lot to learn when you produce music. You will probably use these FL Studio tips if you don’t know them already. Over the years I collected some useful tips form other producers in real life and from online video’s on Youtube. I’ll share 3 tips which I think are not easy to find on other websites. I wish I learned them earlier and that’s why I share them with you. It will give you more possibilities and will improve your mix (if you don’t know them already).


1. Using the Peak controller as a side-chain effect in FL Studio

fl studio peak controller
FL Studio peak controller in action

A very useful FL Studio tip is to use the peak controller to create a side-chain effect. It has a couple of advantages of using it this way instead of using Gross beat (Gross Beat) in FL Studio.  Those are:

  • You can adjust the volumes and movement speed in a more precise and in a more visual way
  • You will have a easier life if you make music with more complex kick patterns and it is more easy to adjust the kicks afterwards

Check out this Tutorial about using the peak controller in FL Studio  


2. Adjust the volume of the samples in the browser of FL Studio

This second FL Studio tip isn’t the most difficult but it useful if you don’t know it yet. Personally I like to produce with a lot of headroom. I produce with volumes between -6db and -10 db. If you click samples in the browser they are louder then the track. Check out this post if you want to know How to adjust the volume of samples in the browser in FL Studio  and following the instructions.


3. Automate any button of any vst in FL Studio

automate any vst button
Automate any vst button in FL Studio: Select “browse parameters”


This trick is very useful. I don’t think many producers use it so it might gives you an edge if you know this valuable tip. In FL Studio it is possible to automate any button of any vst plugin. Yes, also third party plugins. If you want to know how this works checkout this tutorial called How to automate any button of any vst in FL Studio.

That’s it! I hope you have learned some new things. Check out the other posts for more useful tips and tricks about music production. If you want to stay updated, join the mailinglist.