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3 Free Reverb VST plugins worth trying out

3 free reeverb vsts

3 Free Reverb VST’s worth trying out

One way to ruin your song is to use a bad sounding reverb or a buggy plugin. Over the last years I have tried a lot of free vst plugins but I doubt if i tried even 25% of the free plugins out there.  But why try them all  if you like what you hearing. Making music is more fun then installing software, so this list will might save you some time. This is my personal top 3 of free reverbs. Let’s begin.


3. Tal-Reverb vst plugin

tal reeverb plugin
Tal Reverb vst plugin is one of the better plugins I’ve tried


This plugin is great for snare’s and hats. A big plus for this plugin is the option to adjust the volume of 3 frequentie bands.

Download TAL-Reverb here:



2. Glaceverb vst plugin

Glaceverb vst plugin
Glaceverb has a lot of options like texture, reflection and density.


Glaceverb is a very good vst but it can be heavy on your CPU usage.  It has a lot of unusual settings like texture, absorption, reflection, density and energy. It’s only available as 32 bit for mac and pc.

Download Glaceverb plugin here:



1. Ambience vst plugin


Ambience plugin
Ambience is my favorite free reverb 


Ambience is a amazing piece of software for a free vst. It comes with a ton of presets like 5 different vocal presets. As you can see at the image there are many ways of tweaking the sound the way you like. It can be have on your CPU and it is only available as a 32bit download.

Download Ambience here:

Installing these 3 plugins is more then worth it. They are really good quality vsts for free plugins. Easy to use interfaces and nice visual design.

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