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Do you use a analyser vst?

free analyser vst plugin

Do you use a analyser in vst?

Did you ever used a analyser vst? It helps improving your mix. In this article I will explain what a analyser vst does and where I use it for. I also will recommend two free analyser plugins that are useful for your projects.

What does a analyser do?

As the name suggests, with a analyser vst you can analyse sounds. It is a EQ but without the knobs to make adjustments but with extra settings to analyse your mix. The free plugins I use are also more precise for analyzing frequenties peaks. Besides that it comes with extra settings like “peak tracking”, compare your sound to other genres, pausing the screen, adjust the speed of the movements, changing the background and much more (See image 1).

settings free vst analyser plugin
Image 1. Extra settings a analyser plugin has to offer, this vst is the MAnalyser from Melda productions.

How to use a vst analyser in FL Studio?

For this article I assume you know how to install a vst and how to use it in FL Studio. Using the analyser plugin is easy, just put it on the master and check it now and then.

Two free analyser plugins

Manalyser from Melda productions

Image 2. Manalyser vst plugin
Image 2. The Manalyser “compare to pop” function.

The Manalyser vst is a really nice plugin, I use it in my FL Studio template project for almost every song I produce. Usually I use to much bass in my tracks, thanks to the analyser it is easier to see the levels of you low bass sounds.  If you gonna use the Manalyser plugin I can recommend to use the “compare to pop” preset. You can also turn on “track peaks” by clicking: settings – graph – track peaks. As you can see in image 1 the background is a sonogram colors. This is not standard, it is also a setting. Just fool around with it and see what you like.

Span Voxengo Analyser vst

span analyser vst plugin
Span analyser vst plugin

The Span analyser vst from Voxengo is also a very good plugin. It has a very precise frequency graph. Span vst has lots of settings. This plugin is great for analyzing left, right, stereo and mono modes. To make a long story short, it is very useful, on their website is besides a paid version also a free version available.

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