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How to automate buttons of any vst in FL Studio

automate any vst button

How to automate buttons of any vst in FL Studio

If you want to automate buttons in FL Studio you can’t always do right click and choose for “create automation clip”. After this article you know how to automate buttons of 3rd party vst’s in FL Studio. I learned this tip from a good producer years ago and use it a lot ever since so let’s begin.

Step 1. First open a 3th party plugin (Sylenth at the images).

Step 2. Now go twist the knob you want to automate with your mouse. Move it a little bit.

Step 3. See image 1. Go to the little triangle and choose “Browse parameters”. After you have moved the button don’t click other vst buttons.


Automate buttons in FL Studio
Image 1. Automate vsts buttons in FL Studio: Select “browse parameters”.

Step 4. The browser will open up a folder, one of the effects is active. See image 2.


how to automate any button in fl studio
Image 2. Select “create automation” in the parameters folder in the browser in FL Studio to automate any button.

Step 5. Right click selected effect and choose “create automation clip”. Your automation clip will now appear in the playlist in FL Studio.

Of course you can do this trick over and over on different buttons, having multiple things going on at the same time makes your song sounds more interesting. Some effects I like to automate are: cutoff, volume and pitch. A nice trick for creating built ups is to slowly increase the wet value of a heavy reverb.

You can now draw your effects into the FL Studio playlist. Make sure you select a region first or else you will automate the compleet track.

Hope you learned something today! stay tuned by joining my mailinglist for unreleased instrumentals and more producer tips.