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Vst plugin review: CamelCrusher Free Vst plugin (filter, compressor & distortion)

CamelCrusher free vst plugin

Vst plugin review: CamelCrusher free vst plugin (filter, compressor & distortion)

The CamelCrusher free vst plugin from KVR audio plugins is a really nice free plugin. It has a filter, compressor and distortion which has a really nice sound.

I use this plugin for a while. It has one of the best free filters and distortions. When you combine it with the compressor you can create really fat and raw sounding synths. It is great to use on chord progression strings. I even used it on a snare. I’ve read in interviews that some of the major edm artists used this vst in their tracks. Doing what the pro’s do isn’t a bad thing right? As long as you stay original. Like a teacher once told me:

A fool with a tool is still a fool


Where to download CamelCrusher free vst plugin?

It is a kinda old plugin. Camelcrusher is not available for download anymore on the official website but if you Google a bit you can find some sources where to download it. Or you can send me a message and I will email it to you.

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