Crate digging, some great samples used by Drake, J Dilla and Daftpunk

Crate digging: Drake Daftpunk J Dilla Samples

Crate digging, some great samples by Drake, J Dilla and Daftpunk

Crate digging is an art form. Drake, J Dilla and Daftpunk are definitely three of my top 10 artist who inspired me the most. J Dilla actually changed my life because of him I started to make music.


j dilla changed my life
J Dilla literally changed my life

Sampling 70’s music and making hiphop sample beats is how I started producing music and I still use samples in my tracks ever since. Let me share with you some great tracks is this great digging post. Which samples are used by the superstars


Drake – Hotline bling

This sample of Drake is a special one for me because I used it years before this tracks was released! Talking about crate digging, I found a golden nugget.


Timmy Thomas – Why can’t we life together


Daftpunk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

A fun thing about crate digging is you come across many familiar sounding tracks. This sample did shock me a bit to be honest. I thought they made those funky lines with their own instruments.

Personally i like to be more creative with my samples. Also I prefer to use samples with not a lot instruments at the same time. It is a interesting sample though, because it is sampled and then sampled again. First Daftpunk it then Kanye West sampled it from daftpunk.


Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby


J Dilla – So far to go

One of the best beats from one of the best producers ever. I could place like 10 songs here sampled by J Dilla. Dilla is the absolute king of crate digging if you ask me. It’s nice to spend some time on Youtube listing to tracks sampled by J Dilla. He uses all kinds of genres and time periods in his tracks. Beautiful. Rip J Dilla.


Isle Brothers – Don’t say Goodnight


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