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Vst plugin review: DBlue Glitch free vst plugin

Dblue Glitch vst plugin

Vst effect plugin review: Dblue Glitch v1.3 free vst plugin

The Dblue Glitch vst plugin is one of a kind effect vst. It is very simple to use but you can achieve very unique effect with it. I used the Glitch vst for some years now and use it in quit some songs. I also hear other producers using it awsome edm songs, with this plugin you can create unique sound effects.


Dblue Glitch vst plugin
Dblue Glitch vst plugin has a colorful and simply to use interface.

Dblue Glitch vst: Basic functions

You put it on on a mixer channel of a specific sound, the best way to test this is to use a “long” sound, like a string. By default the plugin will have random effects. The magic of this plugin comes when you remove all the white squares in the plugin and fill in other colors. Every color is a sound effect, the effects I like the most are: Tapestop, Reverser, Trigger, Crusher and Gater, but the others can be interesting too! When you use the tapestop, reverser and stretcher ion strings you can create interesting effects. Because of the stuttering and stopping your song can get a more unique sound, you can even create different rhythms using different effects.


Use Dblue Glitch on vocals and more

You can use it in all kinds of ways and there are probably more creative ways to use it. One of my favorite motto’s is: A fool with a tool is still a fool. I’ve used this vst in a lot of tracks using it on acapella vocals. It is a cool way to create weird vocals effects like stutter and crushing sounds. Another way to use it is to combine it with Gross-beat vst plugin from FL Studio.


Free download Dblue Glitch v1.3 vst

You can download Dblue Glitch vst for free here.

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