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4 Free software programs for webdesign and web development

4 free software programs for webdesign

4 Free software programs for webdesign and web development

In this article you will read about the 4 free software programs for webdesign and web development I use and why I use them. Nowadays it’s possible to built and host you’re own website without a lot of experience in webdesign. These 4 free software programs for webdesign can help you with that.


1. Sublime Text

sublime text 3 free software webdesign
Sublime text 3 free code editor. 

Sublime text editor is a good editor to write code with. Before I discovered it I used Notepath++.  But Sublime text is more advanced and feels more modern. It has a lot of nice functions. One of them is the option to find a piece of code within a folder of files. So when you want to change something in WordPress for example and you don’t know which file you need, you can search for a piece of code within a folder. It is a easy way to find the right file and can save you a lot of time finding out which file you need to edit.

Download Sublime Text


2. WordPress

free software program for webdesign wordpress
WordPress backend interface.

WordPress is a open source management system (CMS). That sounds complicated but it’s nothing more then a program to manage a website with. WordPress is by far the most populair open source management system out there. They claim that 28% of the websites worldwide run on WordPress. is also built with WordPress. It’s completely free. Thousands of people built extensions and plugins for it. If you want to know more about plugins read this article about X recommended plugins for WordPress (coming soon).

Download wordpress here 


3. Xampp

xampp free software webdesign
Looks complicated which is true. That’s why Xampp is useful.

Xampp is the most complicated free software program in this list. Xampp turns your computer into a server. A dynamic website needs also a database. The world of servers is full of mysteries for me. If you need a database, if you want to run a website written in the program langue PHP (like WordPress) just install Xampp and it will take care of it. Xampp is only for users of Windows. Mac users can check out MAMP.

Xampp makes it possible to run your website and database locally on your computer.

Download Xampp here


4. Filezilla

filezilla free program for webdesign
Filezilla is used for uploading files to a server

The last free program for webdesign is Filezilla. With Filezilla you can upload your files to a server. Not unimportant.

Download Filezilla here


Thanks to those 4 free software programs for webdesign everybody, rich or poor can make a website without having to spend money expect for hosting.

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