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How to connect your midi controller with FL Studio

How to link any button with your midi controller in FL Studio

Using a midi controller in FL Studio has a lot of advantages. Nowadays a lot of music producers start making music without touching a keyboard. If you can play keyboard or not, it’s highly recommended to use a midi controller in FL Studio. It’s easy to do if you know how.

I assume you already have a working midi controller in FL Studio, if not this article about how to install your midi controller in FL Studio may be useful to you.

Multilink to controllers in FL Studio

Select a button you want to control with your midi controller. Let’s assume you want to adjust the cutoff and create a built up in your song. Move it around a little bit and make sure it is the last button you clicked before doing this: At the top of your screen you see this button midi controller in fl studio . It’s called “multilink to controllers”.

Just click that button once. You will see when it is active.

The next button you will touch on your midi controller will be linked to the cutoff effect. It works for all buttons in FL Studio and buttons of a 3rd party vst.

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