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How to use the peak controller in FL Studio

How to use the peak controller as a side-chain in FL Studio

How to use the peak controller as a side-chain in FL Studio

fl studio peak controller
FL Studio peak controller in action

I like to use the FL Studio peak controller to create a Side-chain effect for my kicks. It has a couple of advantages compared to Gross beat.

  • You can adjust the volumes and movement speed in a more precise and in a more visual way
  • When you have a project with more complex kick rhythms, just let he peak controller control the kick and it’s easier to make variations

Setting up the peak controller in FL Studio

It’s a bit difficult to setup the peak controller in FL Studio. If you follow each step it should work. Let’s begin.

  1. Select channel 4 and rename it “Peak controller”
  2. Rename mixer channel 5 to “Kick”
  3. Choose channel 10 and channel 11 and call those Sound 1 and Sound 2
  4. Select channel 5 (Kick) and add the peak controller plugin here
  5. This is the tricky part. Right click the fader from channel 4 (Peak controller). See image 1.

    peak controller tutorial
    Image 1. Right click the fader and select “link to controller”
  6. Select “Link to controller”. A small window pops up. Select “inverted”. If you don’t do this, the fader will go up instead of down when the kick hits. See image 2.
  7. Select “Peak and LFO” in the select-box which says “none” by default. See image 3.

    peak controller tutorial image 3
    Image 3. Select “Peak + LFO”.

If you followed the steps correctly everything should work. To test this you can add bass and a string in channel 10 and 11. Route the channels 10 and 11 through channel 4. Check How to route mixer channels in FL Studio about routing channels in FL Studio.

Add a kick sample to channel 5. You should created a situation when a kick hits, the fader of the channel will go down. Any sound routed through channel 4 “peak controller” will pushed to background when a kick hits.  For electronic dance music it is a must to use side-chain effects. It is also useful for other genres.

The peak controller tension button

One function you might notice when you at at the peak controller is the tension button. One way to visualize the working of it is to see it as a gross beat line, like in the example of image 4.

Image 4 gross beat example fl studio
Image 4. Gross beat example fl studio. The tension function is comparable with the line in gross beat.

I hope you have learned something, if you have any questions just ask. Sign up for my mailinglist if you like to stay updated.