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Free vst EQ plugin Mequalizer

Vst plugin review: Mequalizer is an excellent free equalizer vst

The Mequalizer from Melda productions is an excellent free equalizer vst plugin. I use it all the time, it is easy to work with because of it’s visual design. It comes with a lot of setting options which I will tell you a bit more about later in this article. It’s nice to see the frequency band before and after at the same time (see image 1 the green and white lines ). Although Mequalizer isn’t the only free equalizer vst that can do this I like this one because it’s run stable, it’s very good at lowering frequencies which I usually do instead of increasing frequencies.

Tip: In a earlier blogpost I wrote an article about Manalyser vst, a free analyser vst also built by Melda productions, check it out here:

Mequalizer is a powerful free equalizer vst that comes with a lot of settings

Image 2. Free equalizer vst plugin Mequalizer settings.
Image 2. Free equalizer vst plugin Mequalizer settings.

Sometimes your eyes notice what to change before your ears notices it. The MEqualizer come with a lot of visual settings (see image 2) to adjust what you see like: peak tracking, sonogram background, zoom, colors and many more. I use the free version all the time, it suites all my needs.

How to download Mequalizer?

You can download the free vst equalizer here:

You need to download a compleet package of vst’s (which are also good).

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